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Preserve Our Wrecks

Preserve Our Wrecks has been working to promote awareness of the shipwrecks and other underwater structures that exist in local waters.  They represent a vital archaeological and historical link with the City's past.  Please visit our pages regularly to read about the work we do and to see how you may be able to support us.  We are a charitable organization that relies entirely on financial and practical support from the public.  

Please consider joining our group.   There's a common misconception that we only recruit divers.  In fact, we are delighted to have members from every section of the community.  Anyone who is interested in Kingston's maritime past is very welcome.

To keep in touch with current news, please click the appropriate tab above.  This supersedes the blog we used to maintain, but there’s older news available there for anyone who’s interested.   We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.