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Ontario Underwater Council


The Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) was created in 1958 by Scuba Clubs, Commercial Interests, and Individuals in Ontario.  

These groups created the OUC to represent them to government and to support safe Scuba diving.  

OUC exists to serve its members as well as the dive community. It does this through its mission statement.  

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OUC's Mission Statement

To promote the sport of scuba diving in Ontario through Safety, Advocacy, Cultural & Environmental Awareness, Self-governance,.....and Fun!

This page summarizes the various components of OUC's Mission Statement. As the "de-Facto" Provincial Sports Organization, OUC is the public facing organization representing all divers in Ontario.  

Why is this important? If the sport is unable to show that they are self-governing and active, then there is a significant potential that the Provincial Government will put in their own regulatory body. We have seen this happen in Quebec (FQAS), in other countries and even closer to home in municipal government.  

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