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Ontario Scuba Emergency Info

Chambers in Ontario

Toronto General
Toronto DCIEM - Military Only

DAN insurance - if your diving and any of it out or close to being out of the Province DAN is your friend.  

Scuba Incident Reporting 

This initiative is to provide a report on SCUBA incidents within 72 hours of an incident being reported to the OUC.  
To see these reports please use this link: 72 hr Ontario Scuba Incident Reports.  

CritiCall Ontario Access 

CritiCall is a hospital-based referral program for physicians who are treating seriously or critically ill patients, however, the Program makes exceptions for scuba-diving related emergencies.  
In the Province of Ontario, scuba-diving emergencies (only) may be referred to the Ontario CritiCall Program at 1-800-668-4357.  
Diver access to this program is negotiated by the OUC.