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CHAA -Recovery Team

Dive Recovery Team

In October of 2001, the CHAA Recovery Group was formed under the guidance of Bob Hewitt with the concept of recovering Canadian historical aircraft within the great lakes region. Bob along with the assistance of Charley Fox, Len Fallowfield, Bill Scott, Kent Beckham, Everett Hillsdon, Dave Delaney, Martin Hodgson and Murray Manning have contributed their time and extensive energy in researching possible site locations. This group plans to recover these aircraft with the intention of restoring them to flying condition or for use as static displays.

The group has selected the dive team members as of August 2002. The team consists of professional divers that have dedicated their time to these projects and have enrolled in the Nautical Archaeology Survey Course.  This course will allow the divers to legally survey aircraft locations, which the CHAA-Recovery Group has chosen.

In 2014 the team changed its name to CHAA Aircraft Recovery Team to cover both land and water sites throughout Canada.

The CHAA Aircraft Recovery Team is currently reviewing eight potential projects but welcomes any members with information that aids in the research related to these or other missing aircraft. Members can also assist the Recovery Group by contributing their time to research or providing materials to this endeavor.