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Aviva Barth Memorial Project (ABMP)


On August 7, 2004, at approximately 17:45 hours, Aviva Barth, a 30-year-old, student diver, was completing an Open Water Training dive at the government dock at Big Bay Point on Kempenfelt Bay (Lake Simcoe).

The Incident:

  • Aviva Barth was killed instantly when struck by a 25-foot-long powerboat traveling at a high rate of speed. 
  • She was just coming up with her diving partner in approximately 10’ depth of water between a dive flag and the government dock. 
  • Police say the boaters may not be aware that they hit anything
  • Postings about the incident on diving message boards on the Internet suggest many boaters routinely ignore dive markers, red flags with a diagonal white stripe that are hoisted on buoys to indicate divers are in the water below.
  • Boaters are often not familiar with or are dismissive of dive markers.


Why this Program?

Due to the deaths of SCUBA divers, snorkellers and swimmers in recent years, the OUC sees an immediate need to make boaters more aware of other users of the water.