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Dive Sites

Name Max Depth (M) Dive Type Certification Level
Otonabee River 6.4 Shore All Levels
Burleigh Falls Cable 18.3 Shore All Levels
Marmora 10.7 Shore All Levels
Burleigh Falls Wall 21.3 Shore All Levels
Welland Scuba Park 10.1 Shore All Levels
Centeen Park 10.7 Shore All Levels
Annie Falconer 24.4 Shore All Levels
Alexandria 4.0 Shore All Levels
Rothesay 8.2 Shore All Levels
The Torpedo Run 7.6 Shore All Levels
JB King 47.2 Shore Non-Recreational
Rockport Wall 67.1 Shore All Levels
Brockville Wall 30.5 Shore Advanced
Islander 18.3 Shore All Levels
Juno 6.1 Shore All Levels
Innerkip 8.5 Shore All Levels
Portsmouth Olympic Harbour 6.0 Shore All Levels
Petawawa Barge & Bottle Dump 3.0 Shore All Levels
Little Clear Lake 6.1 Shore All Levels
Upper Stonecliffe Flooded Village 9.1 Shore All Levels
Deadmans Bay 8.2 Shore All Levels
J.C. Morrison 9.1 Shore All Levels
Nicholson's Point 34.7 Shore All Levels
Pump House Steam Museum 0.0 Shore All Levels
Upper Brewwes Mills 9.0 Shore All Levels
A Medbury 8.5 Shore All Levels
Adventure 6.1 Shore All Levels
Bateau Channel Wreck 5.2 Shore All Levels
Rotary Beach Boneyard 7.3 Shore All Levels
Labour Day Wreck 7.3 Shore All Levels
Lyman M. Davis 41.1 Shore Non-Recreational
Sligo 19.8 Shore All Levels
Philo Scoville 29.0 Shore All Levels
Sherkston Shores 9.1 Shore All Levels
Moose Mountain Quarry - Capreol 48.8 Shore All Levels
Morrisburg Water Front 15.2 Shore All Levels
Cora W Post 9.1 Shore All Levels
Holiday Point 6.1 Shore All Levels
Wolfe Island Winter Ferry Dock 13.7 Shore All Levels
Howe Island Ferry Dock 7.6 Shore All Levels
Navy Bay 0.0 Shore All Levels
Pt Frederick 0.0 Shore All Levels
Barges near Causeway 0.0 Shore All Levels
Wolfe Ferry Schooner 0.0 Shore All Levels
Marine Museum 0.0 Shore All Levels
PumpHouse 0.0 Shore All Levels
KGH - Nicknamed 0.0 Shore All Levels
PUC Dock Kingston 0.0 Shore All Levels
HMS St. Lawrence 6.4 Shore All Levels
Morton's Wharf 0.0 Shore All Levels
Stacked Hulls 0.0 Shore All Levels
The Bruce 0.0 Shore Advanced
Monarch 0.0 Shore All Levels
Ottawa Region 0.0 Shore All Levels
Bay of Pigs Cuba 21.3 Shore All Levels
Sharbot Lake Provincial Park 18.3 Shore All Levels
Shanty Bay 13.7 Shore All Levels
Boat Bay sunken barge 10.1 Shore All Levels
Watcomb pit 25.0 Shore All Levels
Conestoga 8.5 Shore All Levels
The Tugs - Tobermory 9.1 Shore All Levels
Lighthouse - Tobermory 22.9 Shore All Levels
Buddy's Reef 30.5 Shore All Levels
Karpata 30.5 Shore All Levels
Barge/rail docks 8.0 Shore All Levels
Resort wreck. 15.0 Shore All Levels
Arabia - Tobermory 32.0 Boat/Charter Advanced
Niagara II 29.9 Boat/Charter Advanced
Dredger Munson 34.2 Boat/Charter Advanced
Glendora (Nickname) 18.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
Wolfe Islander II 24.7 Boat/Charter All Levels
Alberta 34.7 Boat/Charter Advanced
Aloha and Effie Mae 17.1 Boat/Charter All Levels
China 29.8 Boat/Charter Advanced
Comet 24.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
Cornwall 21.3 Boat/Charter All Levels
George A Marsh 24.4 Boat/Charter Advanced
George T Davie 29.9 Boat/Charter Advanced
Kattie Eccles 31.0 Boat/Charter Advanced
Mapleglen 21.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
KPH - Nickname 20.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
Olive Branch 29.9 Boat/Charter Advanced
Augustus 20.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
S.M. Douglas 35.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
Frontenac 35.1 Boat/Charter Advanced
William Jamieson 23.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
Queen Mary (nickname) 18.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
Varuna 20.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
Robert Gaskin 21.3 Boat/Charter All Levels
Lillie Parsons 21.3 Boat/Charter Advanced
Keystorm 33.5 Boat/Charter All Levels
Muscallonge 30.5 Boat/Charter Advanced
Henry C. Daryaw 27.4 Boat/Charter Advanced
Daryaw Drift 27.4 Boat/Charter Advanced
America 21.3 Boat/Charter Advanced
A. E. Vickery  36.0 Boat/Charter Advanced
Sir Robert Peel 46.6 Boat/Charter Advanced
Ash Island Belly Dumper 36.9 Boat/Charter Advanced
Kinghorn 28.0 Boat/Charter Advanced
Mayflower 7.9 Boat/Charter All Levels
Hoople Bridge 13.7 Boat/Charter All Levels
Waome 22.9 Boat/Charter Advanced
Loblaws Wreck 15.8 Boat/Charter All Levels
Terry's Tug & Tardis 2 30.5 Boat/Charter All Levels
Arizona 8.8 Boat/Charter All Levels
Atlasco 14.3 Boat/Charter All Levels
Jessie Anne 22.9 Boat/Charter All Levels
Two Bits and Rum Runner 22.9 Boat/Charter All Levels
Julia B. Merrill 18.3 Boat/Charter All Levels
Maple Dawn 7.6 Boat/Charter All Levels
Tiller (Nicknamed) 33.5 Boat/Charter Advanced
City of Cleveland 9.1 Boat/Charter All Levels
San Jacinto 22.9 Boat/Charter Advanced
Forest City 45.7 Boat/Charter Non-Recreational
Waubuno 4.6 Boat/Charter All Levels
Jane McLeod 7.6 Boat/Charter All Levels
Atlantic ex Manitoulin 12.2 Boat/Charter All Levels
Seattle 6.1 Boat/Charter All Levels
Eureka 35.7 Boat/Charter Advanced
Hog Heaven 21.9 Boat/Charter All Levels
P.B. Locke 24.4 Boat/Charter Advanced
Pablo's Place 30.0 Boat/Charter All Levels
El Aguila 25.0 Boat/Charter Advanced
Birmingham Crane 45.7 Non-Recreational Advanced
Roy A Jodrey 73.2 Non-Recreational Advanced

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